Thursday, December 23, 2021

Huckster for Weird North-West

Jim Parkin made this neat little post about running a Deadlands inspired weird west using his game Weird North

Doing something related with Into the Odd was an idea that I had before, but never actually got to it. And this is perfectly that. Only thing is missing for me: The Huckster, which always have been my favorite thing from Deadlands, so I whipped up a version to bolt on to that. 

A wandering gambler/sorcerer/spirit-speaker Archetype for Weird North West:


Life is a Game

Bonus Gear:

  • A deck of French-suited cards and a deck of Tarot cards

  • A book of games filled with occult lore

  • Small pistol (d6)

BASE Deal With the Devil: Save against corruption to automatically succeed on a non-corruption save.

Which is your game of choice?

  1. Five-card draw

  2. Texas hold'em

  3. Blackjack

  4. Darts

  5. Mahjong

  6. Cribbage

PRESTIGE Begin with one. Gain another when you recover a Treasure or win a huge bet.

  • Snake-oil Salesman: Simple folk always fall for your lies.

  • Sleight of Hand: You can quickly hide tiny objects in your body, and no one will notice or be able to find it.

  • A Card Up Your Sleeve: You never fully lose a bet, something always go slightly on your favor.

  • Whisperer of Secrets: Everytime you save against corruption, the referee tells you something useful that you didn't knew.

  • Speaker of Many Names: You can always feel the presence of a supernatural being.

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